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Friday, February 3, 2023

New rule specifies conditions for granting operation registration certificates to foreign NGOs

Updated: 14:00’ - 30/09/2022
Foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) wishing to obtain operation registration certificates in Vietnam are required to provide detailed information about their tentative programs, projects and non-project activities to support the country’s development and provide humanitarian aid in the country in three years to come.

Such is the part of Decree 58 recently issued by the Government, providing the registration and management of operation of foreign NGOs in Vietnam.

A brocade weaving class for ethnic minority women organized with USAID donations__Photo: Ho Cau/VNA

Accordingly, to be granted an operation registration certificate, a foreign NGO must also have the valid legal entity status in its home country or territory; have explicit operation charter, guidelines and purposes in conformity with Vietnam’s interests and needs; and make a specific proposal on its representative in the country.

During their operation in Vietnam, foreign NGOs are prohibited from organizing, implementing, participating in, and sponsoring religious activities and other activities at variance with national interests, violating Vietnam’s law, infringing upon national defense, security and social order and safety.

They may neither organize, perform and take part in activities for profit-making purposes and not for the purpose of development support or humanitarian aid, nor provide financial support for activities opposing or overthrowing official administrations in other countries or for terrorist organizations and activities.

Other prohibited acts include organizing, participating in, and funding money laundering or activities related to money laundering, and other activities contrary to social ethics, customs, traditions and national cultural identity or undermining the great national unity bloc of Vietnam.

An operation registration certificate of a foreign NGO is valid for up to three years from the date of issuance. The validity duration of registration certificates must not exceed registered operation durations of foreign NGOs in accordance with laws of their home countries.

The Decree will take effect on November 1.- (VLLF)

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